About AK

AK-Creations.com is the online extension of AK Creations.

AK Creations began in Maryland in 1987 when AprilKay Nelson was encouraged by friends and family to sell her unique handcrafted gifts. That push continues with AK-Creations.com as her sons Jo-Pete and David Rix create a fresh new website from which to sell her creations.

AprilKay received her design degree from Brigham Young University in 1977. As a military wife, she moved from city to city with her husband and 4 children, selling her products at craft shows and bazaars. While living in Maryland, she started working with stained glass and found a medium that she continues to enjoy working with. The military moved the family to Berlin, Germany and AprilKay found that her designs sold well to an international clientele. After leaving the military, her husband accepted a job in Tuba City, AZ and the family lived there 6 years. AprilKay currently resides in Flagstaff, AZ and works on stained glass out of her home studio. The many communities that she has lived in have impacted AprilKay’s designs and created a style that is unique to AK Creations.